Building Bridges

International Artists with a Common Vision, a Common Concern, and a Common Method

At its core, Take Me to the River is an international group of artists who share a common vision of building bridges across borders. To date, we have represented Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, and the United States. Through artwork, we transcend language barriers–we speak a more universal language of visual expression. In our efforts to come together and build bridges, we have also adopted a primary activist concern–the river. Through our projects we are able to effectively address environmental concerns about water, involving whole communities around the world. What distinguishes us from other art cooperatives then, is our diversity tied together by three qualities: our vision of building bridges, our environmental activism, and our involvement with communities.

Bringing to Life Diverse Displays Around the World!

Diversity–the essence of our exhibitions, representing an array of cultures and artistic media. Our exhibitions take place all around the world, from the United States to Turkey to Egypt and beyond! Our exhibitions represent virtually all kinds of artistic media–painting, drawing, photography, video, sound, sculpture, installation, and performance. And to make these exhibitions even more meaningful, to achieve the most effective outreach, we incorporate the work of students from our community outreach projects. On display next to our own work is their artistic expression, their story, their message.

Connecting with Communities Worldwide

As artists with a drive for activism, we seek to connect with communities worldwide. Through this outreach in our efforts to address environmental concerns about water, we are able to effectively serve the cause. Our Community Outreach Projects introduce kids to the work of artistic activism, informing them both about our cause and making works of art. We display their work alongside our own projects in our exhibitions, so that their artistic expression, their story, and their message becomes an integral component.