Aix-en-Provence, France (2012)


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The city of Aix-en-Provence – in association with the 6th World Water Forum, held in nearby Marseille – hosted an exhibition entitled “Le Temps de l’Eau – Take Me to the River” at the Musee des Tapisseries. This exhibition brought together a group of 21 artists of different cultures and backgrounds, whose work underscores the importance of water and the preservation of this vital natural resource.

Installations, video projections, photography, and paintings illustrated that water’s critical role in everyone’s existence.

From the Roman “Aquae Sextiae” to the Modern “Ville d’Eau,” a powerful bond exists between the city of “Aix-en-Provence” and Water. For centuries the city has collected, channeled, and diverted water through its famous fountains which enchants millions of residents and visitors with their delicate music.

Whether dormant, transparent, shimmering, clear, soiled, gushing, or stagnant – Water is the source of life, creation, and above all, a legacy we must preserve and transmit to future generations.

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