Judy Jashinsky

Judy Jashinsky is a painter whose work is inspired by historic events. Themes of her work vary from “Voyage of Rediscovery” (the meeting of the old and new Worlds) to “Artemisia Gentileschi: An Artist’s Life,” the story of the first famous woman painter.

Her intent is to analyze the past to better understand our times, based on her perspective as a 21st century female artist.

“Fisherwomen,” continues her examination with the series concerning the Ama: fisherwomen of Japan and Korea. Always looking for societies where women played an equal or superior role, the fisherwomen became a muse. They harvested the sea under severe conditions off cold and windy northern Pacific islands. They not only provided for their own communities, but also sold the surplus on the mainland to secure other needed supplies.

Currently Jashinsky is working on a project concerning The Cuban Missile Crisis:“13 Days & 13 Nights,” and “The Stations of the Cross,” a commission for Saint Peter’s in Chelsea.