• M.Beall_

    Mary-Ann Beall

    Born in Basque Country, Mary-Ann Beall lives and works in Paris. She lived in the USA for two years where she audited drawing and metal sculpture classes in Detroit and San Francisco.

  • Al Fin Del Mundo

    Joan Belmar

    Joan Belmar left Chile for Spain at the age of 24, where he began painting professionally under the name Joan, the Catalan name for John. He came to Washington, DC four years later …

  • TEST - JohnBrown

    John H. Brown, Jr.

    The photographic work of John Brown has evolved through many years of intensive observations of our changing environment. Born in Washington, DC, and inspired by nature…

  • Z

    David Carlson

    As an artist, Carlson seeks to expand and challenge our receptivity beyond our preconceived notions and thoughts. “What is the nature of reality?” is a constant question while…

  • R.Dana_

    Richard Dana

    Richard L. Dana is an artist, based in Washington, DC, whose work ranges from painting, drawing, digital prints of images created via computer, mixed media and installations.

  • EglonDaley---TMTTR

    Eglon Daley

    My Images include flashbacks to my homeland in Jamaica, the Jamaican culture, and my life as a resident of Washington, DC. My primary objective in my work is to create an atmosphere …

  • Ekpuk 2

    Victor Ekpuk

    Victor Ekpuk is a Nigerian-born contemporary artist based in Washington, DC. His art, which began as an exploration of nsibidi “traditional” graphics …

  • fouad

    Ashraf Fouad

    Ashraf Fouad is a composer, who teaches composition and theory at The American University in Cairo. He is a graduate of The Academy of Arts in Cairo, Egypt, and The Juilliard…

  • qESofnaA14YqGJWtGcxzGetYSGu-ov4wpanBmuTaVTk

    Mansoora Hassan

    Mansoora Hassan, a multi-media artist who lives and works in both the West and the East, is fully at home within traditional Islam and liberal,…

  • jashinsky

    Judy Jashinsky

    Judy Jashinsky is a painter whose work is inspired by historic events. Themes of her work vary from “Voyage of Rediscovery” (the meeting of the old and new Worlds) to “Artemisia…

  • kukuma

    Donna Kukama

    Donna Kukama is currently completing her Master’s degree in MAPS, a post-graduate programme affiliated with the Ècole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (ECAV) in Sierre, Switzerland.

  • panizzi

    Ivana Panizzi

    Ivana Panizzi was born in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. She graduated in Plastic Arts at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba, where she also studied Cinema and…

  • 9ZNe4BcpG6CZx_u1aRHSPGTmLg0JoP5lhAQUjtBVGzc

    Deirdre Saunder

    Saunder is a highly respected Washington, DC area based artist known for both her paintings and her public art. Her installations, including the “Hopscotch Bridge”…

  • Secco

    Patricia Secco

    Brazilian artist Patricia Secco has been living in Maryland since 1990. She studied at the Corcoran Institute of Art, Georgetown University, and later improved her techniques…

  • spak

    Ruza Spak

    The artist Ruza Spak is especially known for the colorful synthesis of abstraction and figurative in her oil paintings. She was born in Poland but studied at the Kunsthochschule Hamburg and…

  • 9k=

    Betsy Stewart

    Washington, DC artist Betsy Stewart creates luminous paintings of microscopic and macroscopic nature hidden from the naked eye: the layered interconnectivity that could represent…

  • tremols-main

    Andres Tremols

    “Made in Santiago de Cuba”, born in Washington, DC, Tremols spent his childhood and adolescence in Central and South America and currently resides in the Washington DC…