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Joan Belmar

Joan Belmar  left Chile for Spain at the age of 24, where he began painting professionally under the name Joan, the Catalan name for John. He came to Washington, DC four years later in 1999, and was granted permanent residency in the US based on extraordinary artistic merit in 2003, and became a citizen in 2010.installation detail  The sheer quality of these translucent materials captures and reflects light and encourages an up close viewing of the work to reveal the different layers within. Belmar’s paintings reference imaginary maps and geographical locations where color plays an important role.

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  1. “As an artist, ever since coming to the United States in 1999, I have been interested in the properties of contemporary materials, such as plastic, acetate, vinyl and Mylar. I play with light, transparencies and the sculptural qualities of these elements in order to evoke the concepts that are important in my work: time, change and movement.”

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