Mary-Ann Beall

Born in Basque Country, Mary-Ann Beall lives and works in Paris. She lived in the USA for two years where she audited drawing and metal sculpture classes in Detroit and San Francisco.

Next to her commissions (public and private) as a muralist, Mary-Ann has initiated her own projects. She seeks tactile and luminous contrast in her choice of textures and plays with shapes with great freedom. Always in search of a balance between strength and fragility, her work is an abstract sensory invitation.

Since 2010, Mary-Ann focuses on poetic and environmental subjects. Her “traversable” installations are designed as a space of projection where the viewer can walk, and, step by step, open up to free associations and games of correspondences.

Mary-Ann’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions in museums, art centers and galleries in Paris, in other French cities and abroad ( London, Moscow … ). She is also involved in collective projects in France and abroad.